Chewin on the Big Apple: NYC Food Scene 

First things first, if you are traveling to New York City be prepared to spend a pretty penny. The cost of living here is higher than most and that transcends into all daily activities- like eating. BUT, (and this is a big but), nothing beats food from the city. I’m not exaggerating when I say it is 100% a food lovers heaven. It is well worth every penny spent.
The first stop on our mini vacation was a place called ‘Gotan.’

This spot had an awesome, “very New York,” atmosphere. The type of restaurant that is hard to find in the small state of Maine.

The decor was bright and green, creating an organic, earthy and chic vibe.

And the food was to die for. I ordered cured salmon on gluten free toast with a sunny side-up egg. 

The price was very reasonable here. We all ordered the brunch special for $13.50 (total steal!!), which came with a very fancy, pretty meal with drip coffee and freshly squeezed OJ. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Our dinner for the night was at a unique Italian inspired restaurant- iL Forno.

The scenery was amazing. It really did resemble eating in Italy.

We enjoyed watching preparation of fresh bread and pizza dough, great wine, and perfectly made pasta dishes.

My meal was gluten and dairy free. I was beyond thrilled to enjoy a plate of spaghetti, which I haven’t had in ages (without any stomach issues I might add)!

Late night eating was at a bar, where we had appetizers and drinks while listening to jazz music.

Drinks were very pricey, but also very good. I got the ‘Ginger Baker’s Mule’ and we all split coconut shrimp and truffle fries.

Or second brunch was in Greenwich Village.
This was my favorite location that we visited. It didn’t have such a “touristy” vibe. While walking around, it felt like we were joined by local New Yorkers. There were many organic, healthy options scattered throughout, and a Starbucks at every corner (probably my favorite part of the whole trip lol).

We ate at The Butchers Daughter, which was by far my favorite restaurant out of all the ones we visited. Their menu was very impressive, and accommodated to many eating styles.

And the part I enjoyed most was the atmosphere. If you can’t tell yet- I tend to gravitate towards health conscious, earthy, organic cafes/ shops. This was that to a T.

Endless selection of fresh juices, fresh flowers, fresh mint-infused water, and amazing mimosas. I ordered the ‘wild flower’ lavender infused mimosa.

I also have to mention it was the best service we had all weekend. The servers were warm, welcoming, and up beat. Our server was kind enough to let me capture a picture of their awesome shirts.

The food here was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

This meal was dairy free, gluten free, and Nut free. Now, that is a lot of requirements to meet! This was the first restaurant where I could order an old favorite of mine, allergen free. And did I mention everything comes with avocado?! No bigger selling point than that.

Overall, the food in NYC is so amazing, that I want to live there for the rest of my life. The culture and atmosphere of the city is captivating. There is no feeling like strolling the brightly lit Times Square, friendly Greenwich Village, and beautiful Central Park. NYC has and will always be one of my favorite places to travel to. If you get the chance to experience it, try out new things you don’t normally get to. Don’t worry about being on a strict eating plan. You only live once- enjoy it! Spend an extra dollar on food you won’t get to experience back home. Spend an extra dollar on activities that only happen in the city that never sleeps. And lastly, spend your money on memories that will last a lifetime.

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