Foodie’s Guide to Brunswick, Maine 

Downtown Brunswick is a perfect spot for the local student, foodie, or patron.
It is home to Bowdoin College, unique mom and pop shops, locally sourced foods, and various cultural cuisines.

If you have a free afternoon, head to Brunswick, where you can enjoy outdoor activities, like strawberry picking, and fresh Maine food.

2 stops I visited were: 1. Wild Oats Bakery and 2. Local Market

Wild Oats Bakery is great for accommodating guests with dietary restrictions. They offer gluten and dairy free alternatives, as well as vegan and vegetarian options.

I ordered a curried tempeh salad, that was low in sodium, and vegan. It was served on a fresh gluten free roll, along with a green smoothie.

The second stop, Local Market, is an amazing spot if you’re in the mood for fresh, vegan and (non-vegan) food, coffee, and a little bit of shopping. I loved the vibe in this shop: warm, well-organized, and unique. The employees were very friendly and encouraged me to snap as many pictures as possible.

My favorite part of Local Market was that everything was, in fact, local!

I ordered a fresh cold brew, made in Maine.

Overall, both of these spots are amazing for the health- conscious eater. I rate both a 10/10 😊

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