Outdoor Track Workout 

There’s no better way to get your body moving than getting outdoors!! I don’t know about you all, but I get sick and tired of working out in the same ole’ gym, surrounded by the same ole’ machines, and same ole’ atmosphere. 

Fitness is about creating a habit and making it something you love. If you are getting bored in the gym, switch it up so you enjoy it again. Try an outdoor workout, HIIT workout, tabata, yoga, Pilates.. you get the point! Fitness is not about simply looking good. It’s about making your body feel good-both mentally and physically. Taking your workout outside, with some Vitamin D, can help do so. Try my outdoor track workout below:

  • 1 mile walk/ jog (if you are a beginner, do a walk here, advanced can jog)
  • Set up a tabata timer (20 seconds exercise, 10 seconds rest) and perform 4 rounds of tabata with a 1 mile run in between. 
  • Round 1:
  • Bleacher runs
  • Push-up
  • Round 2:
  • Dips
  • Walking lunges
  • Rest for 2-3 minutes and grab some water 😅
  • 1 mile run
  • Round 3: 
  • Bleacher runs
  • Plank
  • Round 4: 
  • Air squats
  • Side plank 

Make sure to cooldown properly (gradually bringing your heart rate down), and stretch. Hold your stretch for at least 20-30 seconds, to optimize lengthening of the muscle fibers and tissue. Enjoy and let me know if you give this a try!! 😊 Hashtag on Instagram #hstrackworkout. 

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