Unique Blogger Award

I had the pleasure of being nominated for the unique blogger award! Now, this isn’t some fancy award with prizes attached to it. It’s an acknowledgement that your blog means something to people, and readers out there enjoy what you’re saying. That means more to me than winning a medal. Thank you victorfitnessblog for the nomination!!

Now the rules are:

1. Share link with the blogger you nominated

2. Answer the questions

3. Nominate 15 people yourself

4. Ask them three questions

Here are my responses to victorfitnessblog.

1. What is your most striking personality quality?

I’d like to think that my most striking personality quality/ trait is my sincere generosity. I genuinely care about the people in my life, and make an effort to consider their needs and make them happy. My family and close friends know I truly want them happy, and am always there for them no matter where life takes us.

2. What would you do in your childhood otherwise if you had the chance?

If I had the chance, I would not care so much about what others thought and rather truly be myself. It’s funny to look back on the things that would bother me in highschool, like a bad hair day. Today, that is the least of my worries!! I care more about being a better me, spending time with loved ones, and enjoying life- not whether or not I have perfect hair.

3. What’s your inspiration for blogging?

My inspiration for blogging is sharing health and fitness with others, because it’s drastically changed my own life. A huge inspiration of mine is to empower others and help them reach their goals. Women have such a competitive nature with one another, and I’d really like to see that change. Two quotes I love are:

“Their success is not my failure,”

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it- it just blooms.”

I hope to encourage others to find happiness in their lives and to lift each other up.
My nominees:
















My questions:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What has been your greatest reward and greatest struggle blogging?
  3. What is your blogging niche, and why?


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