Whole 30 Week 1 

My first week of the Whole 30 has been a great experience! It’s had its ups and downs, but overall I have enjoyed it and learnt quite a bit. W30 is not meant to be a diet or for losing weight. It’s about the psychological response of eating, creating a healthy relationship with food, and to help with inflammation in the gut, as well as hormonal balance. I did this challenge as a way to give my gut a break, and really figure out what foods cause me discomfort. 
So without further ado, here’s a glimpse into my first week of W30! 

The first couple of days were probably the worst. I was getting used to using soy free and grain free products. I’ve always loved rice cakes or oats for breakfast, and knowing it was off limits made my body want it that much more. But, I enjoyed one of my other favorites for breakfasts: eggs and veggies. 

The hardest part for me was finding snacks I could eat. I often snack on rice cakes with Nut butter, or granola and coconut yogurt. Out of all the grains, oats bother me the least so it was strange getting used to oat-free days. Instead, I grabbed fresh fruits for my snacks. Lunch wasn’t much of a difference for me, so there was no struggle there. Dinner was a little different because I usually add quinoa to my dishes. I just added double the amount of veggies instead, and more fats. I’d have to say the thing I’m getting most used to is consuming more healthy fats. Coming from a high carb, vegan background, fats were often viewed as something only consumed in moderation. I was previously very diligent on making sure my fats were low and listened to advice from doctors like Dr. McDougall, who claim the fat you eat is the fat you wear. Now I know that’s really not true. Demonizing any certain macronutrient is not healthy. I had to rewire my thoughts on fat and get used to including fats at every meal and snack. 

After day 4, I got the hang of W30. Meals became easier to make, and I even knew how to order when out. I spent Friday- Sunday with my family, so we had about 2 meals out. I ordered salads both times that included veggies and fruits. 
I was most nervous about the weekend, but I got through it and proved that to myself that W30 living is completely doable and sustainable! I’m excited to continue the next 23 days. 

Below are some recipes for your Whole 30 😄

Breakfast ideas:

Sweet Potato and Sausage Skillet
Sweet Potato Toast + Fruit
Eggs, Greens, and Paleo Bacon
Eggs, Greens, Sausage

Lunch ideas:

Chicken salad with roasted carrots and paleo mayo
Chicken, greens, sweet potato, & avocado
Shredded Beet Salad

Dinner ideas:

Grain free steak fajitas
Roasted root veggies and grass fed beef

Snack ideas:

Fresh strawberries
Watermelon, mint, cucumber, lime

Hard boiled eggs

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