Foodie’s Guide to Brunswick, Maine 

Downtown Brunswick is a perfect spot for the local student, foodie, or patron. It is home to Bowdoin College, unique mom and pop shops, locally sourced foods, and various cultural cuisines. If you have a free afternoon, head to Brunswick, where you can enjoy outdoor activities, like strawberry picking, and fresh Maine food. 2 stops… Continue reading Foodie’s Guide to Brunswick, Maine 

Allergen-free protein & collagen balls 

These little energy balls are tasty and simple to make!  And who doesn't want to add a little extra protein and collagen into their diets?! Many people know of the great benefits of muscle building protein.  And collagen is just as important. In fact, 70% of our skin is made from it.  Collagen has anti-aging… Continue reading Allergen-free protein & collagen balls