Foodie’s Guide to Brunswick, Maine 

Downtown Brunswick is a perfect spot for the local student, foodie, or patron. It is home to Bowdoin College, unique mom and pop shops, locally sourced foods, and various cultural cuisines. If you have a free afternoon, head to Brunswick, where you can enjoy outdoor activities, like strawberry picking, and fresh Maine food. 2 stops… Continue reading Foodie’s Guide to Brunswick, Maine 

Allergen-free protein & collagen balls 

These little energy balls are tasty and simple to make!  And who doesn't want to add a little extra protein and collagen into their diets?! Many people know of the great benefits of muscle building protein.  And collagen is just as important. In fact, 70% of our skin is made from it.  Collagen has anti-aging… Continue reading Allergen-free protein & collagen balls 

Should coffee be part of your daily grind?

Coffee has been apart of my life for quite some time. It is associated with warmness, relaxation, and cozy Sunday mornings. However, there is debate on whether or not the bean is beneficial for your health. We'll take a further look into the pros and cons. Surprisingly, the coffee's tree fruit is called a cherry. They grow… Continue reading Should coffee be part of your daily grind?